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Jim Jones

Cult leader Jim Jones responsible for the deaths of more than 900

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Shoko Asahara

Shoko Asahara ordered his followers to gas the subway system of Tokyo

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Joseph Kibwetere

Millennialist cult leader Joseph Kibwetere murdered hundreds in Uganda

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Osam bin Laden

Terrorist Osama bin Laden ordered the World Trade Center attack in New York

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Murderer Charles Manson Today

Manson is 80 and he has a new girlfriend visiting him in prison

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News and Opinion

South Korean 'cult' JMS recruiting students at US universities
By Mallory Miller

Austin, Texas -- Sophomore college student Sabrina Smith was recruited at University of Texas to join a Korean Christian group often called a "cult" under the impression it was just an innocent bible study. Stephanie Hsu, a member of the group, 'Jesus Morning Star,' grabbed Smith's attention... More