"I was led to believe that Victory Outreach was a 'God led church,' but I was wrong"

February 2000
By a former member of Victory Outreach

I would like to tell you my story of when I fell into [Victory Outreach]. I was led to believe that Victory Outreach [VO] was a "God led church," but I was wrong.

I had come to the Lord shortly before my 30th birthday--being filled with the Holy Spirit made me feel like I was floating on air. I wanted more.

My friend who was a member of VO in [California] had been telling me about a "Women's Home." It sounded like a place to learn more about God. In fact, I was told that it was like a "bible college"--by those who ran "The Ranch." I went to check it out for myself.

After a few days of working in the hot sun I was desperate to leave. I was paid no wages, rushed back and forth in a van with little sleep. There was a trail of ants from neglected sewage, molded food and [at times] only water with plenty of toast and often no toilet paper. I saw sickness all around, but I had nowhere to go. And when I went to this "bible college"--I came from a long way away.

Thank God a good friend came with me. We both tried to leave as quick as possible, but [one] "sister," who was a leader and the others there wouldn't have any of that. They started shouting; "The devil is going to get the two of you once you step one foot out from under this umbrella of protection." They said that another girl, not long before we got there had left and the devil killed her. Then they actually walked in a circle around a table and chanted something--saying, "Satan will get you." They would not let us leave with our belongings. Then they told us to leave without using the phone. We walked three miles to retrieve a car.

There is so much more. This account only represents a couple of weeks at one "Women's Home."

Later I tried another VO "Women's Home"--hoping that another location would be different and that somehow my past experience was an isolated one. But it was worse--this time it took me a year to get away and be free.

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